Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can my family members use the site?
    Some products that require payroll deduction require the employee to be enrolled; however, the employee is able to elect coverage for eligible family members under certain plans such as auto and home insurance.
  2. I'm an employee, how do I sign up?
    To sign up you must create an account. If you need assistance please email customer service at or call 1-855-937-3300.
  3. How do I log in?
    To log in you must first create an account. If you have previously created an account, then just use your email address that you registered with and password to access the site. If you need additional assistance feel free to contact customer service at or call 1-855-937-3300.
  4. What is my password?
    You would have created a password when you originally created an account. If you have forgotten your password click the "Log In" link at the top of the Home Page, and then click the "Forgot Password" below the login area, and a new password will be sent to you through the email address you registered with.
  5. How do I change my personal information?
    If your personal information is registered, choose "My Profile" from the My Tools menu after sign in. If you would like to change your personal information with a vendor or carrier you will need to contact that vendor or carrier directly.
  6. Why did Corestream choose to present only Liberty Mutual, MetLife and Travelers coverage for the Auto Insurance Quote Comparison Tool?
    These carriers underwent the task of obtaining state approval from each State Department of Insurance to offer exclusive employee discounts.
  7. Why should I choose Liberty Mutual, MetLife or Travelers Auto and Home Insurance?
    These carriers offer a discount that is not available to the general public. If you go directly to the carrier for a quote, they will not provide you with the same rate that you can get through us. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as, if you are a long-time customer of theirs, but for the most part, you will save more through your employer program.
  8. Who do I contact if I have a question or problem with a service or plan that I signed up for?
    Most questions regarding a service or plan should be handled by contacting the vendor directly, since your employer does not sell products or fulfill orders for employees. Each vendor has a customer service email and phone number. You may also contact our customer service for assistance at 1-855-937-3300, if the vendor is not helpful in resolving the issue.
  9. I am having an issue accessing the Deduction History. Who do I contact?
    You must first log in to the CHS MyLifePlus site to access your deduction history report. Deduction History is available through the My Tools menu. If you are having any issues with the registration or login you may email CHS MyLifePlus customer service at or call 1-855-937-3300.
  10. Are the deductions after-tax or pre-tax?
    All voluntary benefits deductions for CHS MyLifePlus are after-tax.
  11. I signed up for more than one benefit that is available on the website. Will I see multiple deductions on my earnings statement?
    No. All programs that are available on the website will be paid by one consolidated deduction shown on your earnings statement as "CHS BENEFITS +" for employees paid through UltiPro or "OTHVOLBEN" for employees paid through ADP. You will be able to see a breakdown of your deductions on the CHS MyLifePlus website. Please visit CHS MyLifePlus and select "Deduction History" under "My Tools" to access your information.
  12. I just signed up for a program through one of the insurance carriers. How long will it take before I see the deduction on my earnings statement?
    Depending on the program, your deduction will begin within the next 2 pay cycles.
  13. How do I receive my refund?
    If you require a refund for a product or service please contact the carrier or vendor directly to discuss details of the refund. Refunds may take between 30 to 60 days to process.
  14. How do I change my Auto and/or Home policy to be paid through payroll deduction?
    You can contact any of the Auto and Home carriers directly that are offered to you through your voluntary benefits program, and they will switch your billing to payroll deduction. Certain eligibility requirements apply for the payroll deduction option. If you have any questions about your eligibility, you may contact customer care at (855) 937-3300.
  15. How do I cancel my coverage?
    If you are a participant in a program with a carrier and would like to cancel, please refer to the cancellation process below. Please allow 30 days for the cancellation to process.
    Cancellation Process by Product or Insurance Carrier:
    Liberty Auto and Home Insurance
    To make any changes to your policies, including cancellations or changes to payment options, please contact Liberty Mutual directly at 1-800-298-8018 or call a local office which you can find at Please reference your policy number, which can be found in your insurance policy. States have different requirements based on DOI regulations.

    MetLife Auto and Home Insurance
    Cancellation policies differ by state; therefore, the employee must call the MetLife Call center at 1-800-438-6388 for cancellation terms and processing.

    Transamerica Long Term Care Insurance
    Every policy is mailed to the employee with a 30 Day Free Look Period. The 30-day window can vary based on residency. If you cancel within the 30-day period you will be refunded premiums deducted from your pay. Employees may cancel at any time by sending the request in writing to Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Attn: Customer Service, P.O. Box 869090, Plano, TX, 75086 or by fax to 1-866-311-2047. You must include your policy number, full name, and date of birth.

    Travelers Auto and Home Insurance
    To cancel a Travelers Insurance policy, the employee needs to call the Travelers customer service center at 1-888-695-4640. Please reference your policy number, if available, which can be found on your policy documents. Employees should have new coverage in place before canceling a policy to ensure that they don't have a lapse in coverage.